The Sorceress TreatĀ 

Unsure hands knock upon her door
he has no idea what’s in store 
a beautiful temptress steps into the light
a witch, demon, sorceress, creature of the night
she leads him seductively into her lair
a mystical scent filling the air
he caught a whiff of patchouli & myrrh 
his eyes getting heavy and starting to blur
“come in and won’t you please take a seat
I’ll get you relaxed and off your feet”
she guided him gently onto the bed
thoughts & fantasies swimming in his head
enchanted and floating as if in a dream
trying to decipher her apparent scheme
her hands and long fingernails splaying over his chest
removing his inhibitions, his shirt comes next
“relax and please make yourself at home
Im just going to enjoy and let my hands to roam”
he thought it was a mistake or it must be a trick
everything happening entirely to quick
the next minute he looked, she was licking his neck
nibbling and sucking every last speck
she purred to him “this will just hurt a bit
but if you relax you will enjoy it”
that’s when her sharp pointy teeth came in view
his heart started to race thinking of what to do
she dipped her head down and took a nice bite
the pain turned to pleasure in spite of the fright
his pleasure was evident with the bulge in his pants
she unzipped him and took his cock in her hands
she drained half of his blood and all of his cum
on shaky legs he stood their visit now done
dazed and disoriented he walked towards the street 
she kissed him goodbye and said “thanks for the treat”

I posted this last year as a guest post on another site but could no longer find it so reposting. Happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope you only have treats & no tricks!! 

You Remind MeĀ 

You remind me of someone I used to know

maybe it’s the way you wrap the words around your tongue

the inflection in your poetic diction

the desires and thoughts you express

through verse

and you remind me…

maybe it’s your home

possibly the very same woods one used to roam

the country you belong 

wasted floating high and peaceful at 4:21

so you remind me…

maybe it’s your smile the tilt to your chin

the same squint in your eyes 

even the same glasses you wear

the tattoos on your skin a meaningful tribute but not exactly the same 

yet you remind me…

or maybe my heart just hasn’t healed and the voices in my head are screaming louder these days 

maybe I’m missing what once was and wishing it so keeps me balanced and sane

but you remind me

and I both welcome

and curse the memories… 

Brown Package

Brown paper package

staring back at me

I haven’t opened in two years

but today I am stronger

as I peer inside

all of the memories

come flooding in

the good the bad

the sad & happy

but they are not mine

they are not my thoughts

only wishes

made on shooting stars

the tears stream down my face in waves

my only question


this gaping hole grows more every day

just waiting to be swallowed by it

but I don’t want any dramatic exit

no theatrics 

I think I would rather just fade away….


He takes her hand

and leads her into the unknown

she trusts him to guide her 

a thrill sent through her

at his touch

a calming presence 

to the raging storm inside

he knows instinctively

just what she needs

no need to ask

he gives her peace

with just one whispered word…


King of Lies

You sit on your throne

looking down at the world

judgement in your eyes

and in your words

you think you know everything

the all seeing eyes in your head

but you don’t see me

the real me

and you never did

you only saw what you chose to see

and now you think I am weak

yes I have insecurities

but I never pushed them on to you

I only made the mistake of showing them to you

hoping for acceptance 

but you only saw weakness

and you threw them in my face

and then blamed me for it

said it was all my fault

and never took one ounce

of responsibility for your part

in this play

well I’m not your mother

I’m not your ex

I am nothing to you now

not your friend


and I’m sure you sit there still

looking down on the world

thinking how much you have grown

the king of lies

the ones you tell yourself…